Busi Mhlongo
28.10.1947 - 15.06.2010

On her return from exile, Mam'Busi tackled a genre that previously had been the exclusive domain of the male gender, to deliver one of the seminal maskandi albums of all time, Urban Zulu. ... Incorporating musical influences from across the globe, she never abandoned the foundations of her African culture.  Fusing elements of rock, reggae, blues and gospel, her music opened avenues for collaboration between musicians from seemingly disparate genres.

from 'Hamba Kahle, Mama Wami...' by Stephen Charnas-Charnas
Lo and Behold!
Issue One
Now, for your aural pleasure, we present the music of Busi Mhlongo, taken from her seminal album Urban Zulu.  Produced by Will Mowat, a veteran keyboardist most known for his work with hip-hop house group Soul II Soul, his fingerprints can be found on the remix of what is perhaps Busi's most famous song, 'Yehlisan'Umoya Ma-Afrika'.

Yehlisan'Umoya Ma-Afrika (Afrikan Nation, Calm!)
Yapheli'mali Yami (My Money Is Gone)
from 'Urban Zulu' (M.E.L.T., 1999)

Yehlisan'Umoya Ma-Afrika [Soul II Black Remix]
from 'The Winds of Change' (African Cream Music, 2004)

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