What started out as a simple cut-and-paste operation existing solely in the minds and scrapbooks of Eric and myself has quickly upgraded even before the first issue, as Lo and Behold! Magazine takes shape on our designer's computers, on Facebook, and on this blog.

Lo and Behold! is first and foremost a physical publication - something worthwhile to keep you on the toilet (reading) for longer - but we realize the irony that to stay truly connected with our community, we have to be connected online. Through our Facebook page, we hope to develop a rapport between our readers, encourage them to become contributors, and keep them posted on the big stuff, like issue release dates and tie-in events. The Lo and Behold! Blog however fulfills a different function: its the online home of the magazine (or rather the office), where we digitally reproduce the issues in full, post bonus features in the form of multimedia or extended articles, and in between issues, fill readers in on what's happening behind the scenes of this little production.

Only 12 days left!

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